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  • Choice in eCommerce wants to act as an intermediary between manufacturers, marketplaces and sellers
  • Choice in eCommerce supports diversity in online trade
  • Choice in eCommerce wants to help make your voice heard!
  • By signing the petition, you can help put an end to online sales bans and promote a fair eCommerce retail landscape in Europe!

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Petition for
Choice and Innovation in Online-Trade

eCommerce is being threatened worldwide

Some manufacturers have started to restrict trade on the Internet, for example using contract terms to prohibit sellers from selling goods on Internet marketplaces. This should not be tolerated!

We therefore call on…

  1. Manufacturers to refrain from placing across-the-board prohibitions and limitations on eCommerce. We ask that they collaborate with all stakeholders, especially sellers and marketplace providers, to use the already existing and excellent methods to present their products on the Internet in the best possible way.

  2. National and European policy-makers and public authorities to deal effectively with unnecessary restrictions of eCommerce, such as sales bans on online marketplaces.


Why it is important for all of us

eCommerce has become an essential part of total trade. It drives growth in our own countries, in Europe and worldwide. It promotes the interests and meets the needs of consumers thanks to an unparalleled selection of products and services with transparent information, offers and prices. It inspires technical innovation, such as mobile commerce.

These positive elements of eCommerce have to be preserved, and strengthened, for the benefit of sellers, manufacturers and consumers alike, but today they are under threat.

Smaller retailers and consumers are the primary victims of such bans

Indeed, such unilateral bans cut off many sellers’ major sales channel, making it difficult to reach their customers, restricting their entrepreneurial freedom and harming their business in an unacceptable way. Smaller retailers are being particularly badly affected and their ability to survive in such a competitive market is being undermined.
Consumers are severely and negatively impacted as well. These Internet restrictions, and in particular this ban of sales via marketplaces, means they cannot shop in places they like and trust and where they benefit from additional services. They are deprived of eCommerce’s capacity to enable good and balanced purchase decisions, due to less transparency and fewer choices.

We need to work together to promote growth in the Digital Single Market!

Manufacturers, sellers and marketplaces can and should work together in order to make the most of eCommerce’s opportunities. The Internet, and particularly online marketplaces, can certainly provide manufacturers with the best presentation options for their goods. Bans by certain manufacturers hinder much needed growth from eCommerce, raise serious concerns about the completion of a Digital Single Market in Europe and prevent everybody from taking advantage of the Internet’s technical and economic possibilities.