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More than 14,000 small businesses advocate for free online trade

‘Choice in eCommerce’ hands over petition to Vice-President Olli Rehn

Brussels, 17 December 2013. ‘Choice in eCommerce’, the Initiative of Choice and Innovation in Online-Trade, today handed over a petition signed by more than 14,000 online sellers from all over Europe to Olli Rehn, Vice-President of the European Commission at a high-level breakfast event in Brussels on “Restoring competitiveness in Europe - the role of a functioning Digital Single Market for SMEs”. The petition calls on manufacturers and brand owners to refrain from imposing sales restrictions or prohibitions on online traders. Several manufacturers are prohibiting online sellers from freely using the internet, e.g. to sell their goods through online marketplaces.

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"Ban the ban" – Thousands of online sellers sign petition for free trade on the internet

Berlin, 1st August 2013 – An increasing number of online sellers support the “Choice in eCommerce” petition for free and fair trade. In just two weeks around 5,000 people have signed the petition online and every day there are more. By signing the petition these online sellers are mobilising across Europe against the online sales bans imposed by some manufacturers. Small and medium-sized sellers on online marketplaces are particularly affected by these constraints, a fact sadly shown by recent cases of bankruptcy.

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Online sellers want to end platform sales bans

BERLIN, July, 16th 2013 - People want to shop in places they like and trust, and European consumers can save about €11.7 billion a year thanks to online shopping. Some manufacturers have started to restrict trade on the internet, for example using contract terms to prevent merchants from selling their goods on Online-Marketplaces. A group of online entrepreneurs have launched a petition to defend themselves against these restrictions that harm their businesses and consumers, and make sure that eCommerce remains a free and fair place for all types of businesses. [more]

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Hand-over the Petition to EU-Commission-Vice-President Olli Rehn

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