The Results of the Survey

Overview on the results of the survey



Structure of retailers participated at survey

Question: To which group of online sellers do you belong?

Choice-chart-de-typ des verkäufers


Sizes of the Retailers

Question: How many parcels do you send every month on average?

Choice-chart-de-größe der verkäufers


Losses due to restrictions

Question: Do you have losses in sale due to these sales restrictions?



Amount of losses due to sales restrictions

Question: In your opinion, what will be your change in revenue this year due to the sales restrictions?


Impact of sales restrictions to retailers

Question: What impact do the sales restrictions of manufacturers have on your business?



Mentions of brands at individual sales restrictions

Choice-chart-de-marken beschränkungen


Counts of these manufactors and brands



General information about the survey

  • Third europe-wide survey on restrictions in online retail has been conducted by Choice in eCommerce in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish. There were less answers in Polish that we ignored it.
  • The survey has been run in the first half of 2016, it was conducted anonymously and operated via MailChimp.
  • Retailers have been asked in open questions without any specifications of names of brands and manufacturers to name those brands and manufacturers who, according to the retailer‘s personal experience, exert the following restrictions: Price Default, Marketplace Bans, Blockade of Cross Border Trade, Blockade of Marketing, Differing Purchasing Conditions, Refusal to Supply, Differing Services More than 7,000 enterpreneurs have participated european-wide (n=7.033).
  • The enterprises have been approached via own and external channels such as marketplaces, tool providers, media and blogs.
  • 4% of the participants were not retailers and thus were not admitted.
  • Pure brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs have also participated in the survey. At least ¼ of the admitted participants have a brick-and-mortar store.
  • The size of the admitted enterprsies reflects well the relations on the market. The online retail market mostly consists of small enterprises.