The methods of sales restrictions

The most common methods of sales restrictions

  • Due to unlawful pricing policy the retailer is not free to set their own sales prices; penalties are threatened if they fail to comply with specifications, e.g. by applying recommended retail prices.

  • The manufacturer or the brand imposes marketplace bans which prohibit the retailer from using online marketplaces for the resale of products.

  • Cross Border Trade blocking prohibits the retailer from selling the products internationally.

  • Marketing activity blocking prohibits the retailer from placing their products onto price comparison portals or using the brand name in advertising.

  • Refusal to supply is the refusal of the manufacturer to supply its range, either partially or in whole, to online retailers.

  • Service deterioration means that consumers who acquire items online can expect poorer service – such as in the terms of the guarantee – than with products purchased over the counter.