This is how you can take action

There are many possibilities for you and your company to fight for free trade and against restrictions. Here is a list of actions that are easy to implement but have a big impact:


Sign the petition

Ask in particular also your staff and colleagues for support. Sign petition.


Participate in survey on sales bans in online-trade (closed)

Big Europe-wide survey on sales bans in online-trade. With your replies you can shed light on the practices of manufacturers.


Raise an issue to the Office of Fair Trading

The Federal Cartel Office in Germany has already been made aware of the sales bans issue by German sellers but it may help if UK sellers would undertake similar actions.

What can you do? It is possible to complain about such abuses to the Office of Fair Trading by emailing them:

Office of Fair Trading:

Do not hesitate to let us know about your experience with the OFT: Contact us.


Contact your Member of Parliament

Ask him or her (and their party) for their support in tackling platform bans and fostering jobs, free trade and innovation. 

Find your Member of Parliament:


Act as a multiplier in your association, club or group

As experienced business people, you may be a member of one or two associations and organisations. Normally they will hold regular meetings. Why don’t you present our problem there? Usually organisations welcome it if someone offers an exciting topic. Inform the participants and prompt them to participate, since they may be also directly or indirectly affected by the restrictions.


Be available as a testimonial

The media is frequently asking us for individuals who have been impacted, who want to tell their story. Good stories depend on people who have something to talk about – and editors know this. You may have the possibility to remain anonymous if you wish. The contact would usually be established through our spokesperson Oliver Prothmann. Contact us.


Talk to your local reporter

The national media is well aware of the issue. Now you can also point out to the locally known reporter that his fellow citizens are being affected by these restrictions as well, and that the local economy is also at risk. Such a story with local relevance is usually well received and published.


Send us your contracts with manufacturers

If you send us your contracts, we can identify and condemn unfair practices. Perhaps we can also help you if you allow us to discuss these contracts with third parties. Of course we will treat this, just like all other points, as strictly confidential and always consult you. Contact us.


Send us press reports about the issue

By now, a lot of online and print media report on the sales bans. Please send us links and copies as we do not always find all articles ourselves. Contact us.


Use the ‘Choice in eCommerce’ logo in your blog and website

You can find the logo in different sizes here: Logo. Use it in your blog or website and link to us.


Of course you can also sue brand manufacturers

If you are already affected by sales restrictions from manufacturers, you may be entitled to take legal action against it. Please consult your legal counselor on this issue. If you already have taken legal action or you are planning to do so, we, as a collective initiative, would be happy to be informed. Our initiative is not able to provide legal advice, but could perhaps put you in touch with relevant contacts. Contact us.